Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers (Updated as on 30/11/2009 the last working day of the month).



Innovation and Experimentation

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Class and subject

Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realised or not

Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.


 Environmental Awareness


 To develop Ecological ethics among students


 Shri Santan Kumar Ram PGT(Geo)


 landscapes of India

 XI Geography

 Create disaster awarness among students


 Shri Santan Kumar Ram PGT(Geo)


quize developed by PGT Comp. Sc and PGT Geo

 for all classes

 facilitate students to compete the modern trends of exam


Shri Chandan Sinha PGT(Comp.Sc.) Shri Santan Kumar Ram PGT(Geo)